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Mrs. Baird? JANEY GODLEY - Scottish actress, comedienne, author, playwright & journalist. Great weekly podcast with her daughter Ashley Storrie (certainly not for the faint hearted).

Scottish comedienne Janey Godley is accused of having a secret life

Janey Godley v Donald Trump, the police and a Harry Potter premiere

Comedian Live-Tweets A Couple's Dramatic Breakup

Scottish comedian Janey Godley boarded a train in June simply hoping to make it from Glasgow to Oxenham in a timely manner. Instead, she found herself witnessing a breakup between fellow passengers Tim and Freya so dramatic it may as well have been a scene right out of a teen melodrama.

Jeremy Ratchford and the Venus de Milo's Performed by Jeremy Ratchford. Written by Janey Godley Today in 1820, the Venus de Milo was discovered... Every day, videos from deliver a fact and a funny, in under a minute.


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