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Jane Addams

9 Most Influential Women in the History of Social Work. Celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth and #SocialWorkMonth by featuring some incredible female social work leaders!


Jane Addams (1860-1936) - First American woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She was a leader in the Suffrage movement and co-founder (with Ellen Gates Starr) of Hull House, an institution set up in the poor neighborhood of Chicago to provide services such as daycare and classes in music and literature for recent immigrants.


British poster, Young Women's Christian Association, 1915: Women are working day & night to Win the War. Twenty Five Thousand pounds immediately needed for the Women's War Time Fund to provide rest-rooms, canteens and hostels.


Gotta love her! Avid reader and facilitator of social change. Fighter for women's suffrage and outspoken pacifist during WWI. Defender of immigrant's rights, unyielding advocate for the disadvantaged. Antagonist to political avarice; supporter of better housing, child-labor laws, and public welfare. A college lecturer, social Christian movement member, Noble Peace Prize recipient. Author, philanthropist, and activist; may countless follow in her steps while making their own path.


Football and Funk: Today's Google Doodle is on Rio's favela culture

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