Students will determine cause-and effect relationships related to the establishment of the Jamestown colony (aligned with Virginia Studies VS.1b and VS.3). Use this as a review activity or even as an introduction to the unit.

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Jamestown Colony Newspaper Project- The Jamestown Settlement was the first successful, permanent American Colony. Turn this part of the social studies curriculum into a fun and entertaining time of the day for students with this download.Students will use what they learned to create a newspaper with four articles to reflect life in Jamestown.

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Jane of Jamestown during a news conference at the Smithsonians National Museum of Natural History mentioned nothing about white indentured servants. Indentured servants were the slaves they threw away when they were finished with them. It is even recorded that they fed them to their pigs.

Virginia history begins with studies of the Jamestown Colony, and this post is filled with ideas for teaching about Colonial Times across the curriculum. Check it out on Virginia is for Teachers.

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Play the interactive game and see if you can keep the Jamestown colony afloat through the starving time

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