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Jamestown Colony

FABULOUS one page description of all the main points to know for Jamestown Colony

from National Geographic

On the Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure -- National Geographic Kids

On the Trail of Captain John Smith ~~ Jamestown Adventure from National Geographic


Jamestown Colony ("Shut Up and Dance" parody) - @MrBettsClass - YouTube


Here's a short reading on the Jamestown colony and related question sheet.


Jamestown video clip from Drive Thru History (2 min) - describes why the settlers chose this location for their colony.

Starving Time: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary (My America)

After an epic craft project fail that ended up in the trash. We tried the Jamestown colony model project again. Ethan is super excited about how it turned out.

when teaching early American colonists, make gruel for the kids to try; "To explore what it was like to live in the Jamestown Colony we ate gruel for breakfast. It is pretty much flavored water. We learned that the colonists in early Jamestown were mainly ‘gentlemen’ and they didn’t want to plant crops or work. Many starved. The only food they had to eat was what they could grow in their garden or hunt."

Jamestown Colony - Free Printable American History Reading with Questions, Grades 7-12

Jamestown Colony - FREE PowerPoints for US History