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King James V of Scotland, son of Margaret Tudor, and Queen Marie de Guise, parents of Mary, Queen of Scots

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James V (1512 - 1542). Son of James IV and Margaret Tudor. He married twice and had one surviving daughter by his second wife, Mary of Guise.

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Mary Queen of Scots; Born Mary Stuart at Linlithgow, 8 Dec 1542; died at Fotheringay, 8 Feb 1587. She was the only legitimate child of James V of Scotland. His death (14 Dec) followed immediately after her birth, and she became queen when only 6 days old. (pic: by Federico Zuccari).

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James V (King James V of Scotland) by Richard Burchett(circle of) Palace of Westminster Date painted: 1854–1860 Oil on panel, 182.8 x 91.4 cm Collection: Palace of Westminster

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The ruins of James' palace in the French Renaissance style at Falkland.James V of Scotland - Father of Mary Queen of Scots and husband to Mary of Guise 1550's onwards

MARGARET TUDOR, QUEEN OF SCOTLAND, eldest daughter of Henry VII, king of England, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV, was born at Westminster on the 29th of November 1489. She married James IV of Scotland on the 8th of August 1503. Through her, the throne of England passed to the Stuarts.

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