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Known as the 'Father of the Constitution,' Madison was a co-author of the Federalist papers and much of the Constitution. But did you know he also is regarded as the smallest leader in US history? He is said to have been no taller than 5 feet 4 inches and to weigh less than 100 pounds. (© MPI/Getty Images)

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How'd this chunk of burned wood get into the Smithsonian? It's a piece of the President's house, which was burned down 200 years ago this weekend in the War of 1812. Perhaps surprisingly to today's museum visitors, there was quite a precedent for including hunks of buildings in the national collection.

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21 Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were once arrested together for taking a carriage ride in Vermont on a Sunday, which violated state laws. | 21 Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents

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oh my gosh yes this is going in my musical board for obvious reasons. george washington james madison text post

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