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Dennis Stock: an appreciation

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From Coco Chanel to Alexa Chung: A Brief History of the Iconic Breton Stripe

James DEAN (1931-1955) ***** #18 AFI Top 50 Actors, unusual star of Hollywood's Golden Age - before his early death he appeared in only 3 starring roles in the space of little over a year, and yet became, and still is, a worldwide cultural icon, symbol of teenage disillusion and rebellion.

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13 of the 1950s' Most Iconic Hairstyles

James Dean. "If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he's dead, then maybe he was a great man."

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The 20 Most Stylish Men of Old Hollywood

The 20 Most Stylish Men of Hollywood's Golden Age - Best Dressed Men of All Time - Esquire

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How To Dress Like A Street Style Star

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9 Photos That Will Change The Way You See James Dean

James Dean, this is my most re-pinned James Dean picture. 64 re-pins 7/21/15 - Clint - His impact on youth and the American culture is huge. Every young actor of today wants to be him and he has been dead for 59 years. Think about that.


Dennis Stock image at the Hunt's Fairmount funeral home taken in February 1955. Only seven months before his tragic death in CA.

James dean last photo When dream merged with life into the burning scintilla of a dynamite and it goes like bam bam bam, others stand woah, there can never be anything more perfect, as much as I can think of. Dream is made eternal by ephemeral life, and that's the beauty of James Dean.


Day of his death : One the last photos taken of James Dean at a gas station with his spider Porsche. Nearly 60 years later, actor Paul Walker's death in a horrific car crash so closely mirrors that of Dean's, it is almost eerie.

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