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Triple ginger & spice cake

Delicious, triple ginger & spice cake. Keeps for 3 weeks, great treat or coffee time cake.

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Chocolate Tea

Jamaican Chocolate Tea. Basically hot chocolate made with water, and sugar and milk or cream can be added to taste.

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Wallenford Blue (16oz) -100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Ground Coffee - Our Wallenford Blue, 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board (the highest regulatory authority in Jamaica) as being genuine and pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. It is widely recognized by coffee connoisseurs for its smooth delicate taste, and unmistakable aroma. The coffee is roasted in Jamaica by Jamaica Standard Products Company Lim...

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The first unit of Jamaican women recruits in the UK #Army's Auxiliary Territorial Service, 1944. Afro-Caribbeans are the descendants of West Africans brought as slaves to the West Indies.

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Brill fillet with clams cooked in cider

Chef Luke Matthews' (Chewton Glen, New Forest) Brill fillet with clams cooked in cider ¦ Saturday Kitchen

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Tia Maria

Tia Maria Coffee liqueur made originally in Jamaica using Jamaican coffee beans. The main flavor ingredients are coffee beans, cane spirit, vanilla, and sugar, fermented to an alcoholic content of 26.5%.

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