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Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer - two absolute greats of the game.


Jack Nicklaus at the 1972 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.


Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, 1965. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer exchanged green jackets for the fourth straight year in 1965.


Arnie and Jack - Love Golf? You'll love the Honourable Society of Golf Fanatics.

Golf great Jack Nicklaus // Pipeline Marketing


Two incredible greats - Jack Nicklaus, the "Golden Bear," and the unmatched Arnie Palmer. I know how much Nicklaus appreciated the advice he got, and friendship he had, with Arnie!!

Arnold Palmer Jack Nicklaus 1972 Masters Golf Photo PGA Tour PGA Tour


Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest golfers of all time, won seven Major Tournaments, including four Masters. The PGA Hall of Famer, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, is widely credited with popularizing the sport around the world. He attended Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, NC, where he had a stellar collegiate golf career.


Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. #golflegends! The green jackets remind me of someone I love dearly...