Jace Wayland...I'm not usually one for blond boys, but there's an exception for every rule :)

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Not to diss Dominic Sherwood, but Jamie Campbell-Bower will always be the better Jace in my eyes. He just fits the character description better, and I'm already attached to him as Jace.

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Jace HERONDALE or by his adoption family name Jace Lightworm (ugh I had to, Will would be proud) ;)

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‘Shadowhunters’ has found its Jace Wayland: Dominic Sherwood! Are you excited to see him take on the beloved Mortal Instruments character? Read more about the TV series on The IF List http://blog.iflist.com/2015/04/20/shadowhunters-has-found-its-jace-dominic-sherwood/

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{RP with Rey and Alvin} I was working in my garage. My ship had been damaged, so I spent all night repairing it. I had fallen asleep, resting my head on my desk. I didn't hear you knocking. You open the unlocked door and I immediately stir awake. "Rey!" I say as I put a jacket on and lean on the doorframe "Hey"

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‘Shadowhunters’ 1×04 Promotional Photos ‘Raising Hell’ <--- Don't mind me, I'll be over here in my puddle of drool... <3

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Jace Wayland Quotes | jace wayland morgenstern herondale lightwood | via Facebook

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Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland in The Mortal Instruments City of Bones iphone 5 wallpaper

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Ah, Jace. ^^that moment when you can't decide which board to put this on because you have a place for each character gahh -_-

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