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The equivalent to HA! in Spanish. It's loud, it fills up the whole page. The bold and three dimensional letters makes it stand out even more! Great way of portraying a sound. Nice choice of colours, very simple yet effective.

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rule of thirds - long vertical composition -Myna on Magnolia, Koson (Naga Oban) Ca. 1910

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She ruled from her crystalline palace, velvet glove over iron fist. (Sheri Vegas, makeup artist)

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"outfit 2318" by natalyag on Polyvore featuring Boohoo, Prada, Giuseppe Zanotti and Movado

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Swedish-style study

Need somewhere to store all your books? This floor-to-ceiling shelving is a feature in its own right, while extending it over the top of the door is a great decorating idea that makes use of otherwise wasted space

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as much as it would be good to see them suffer the way you did, deep down is that really what you want? that it goes on back and fourth like a boomerang? Be the bigger person, be wiser than those who chose revenge over kindness.

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