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7 Do's and Don'ts for those doing In vitro fertilization (IVF) - Money Saving Parent


IVF Survival Guide: Before you start an IVF cycle, be prepared with a few things that put you and your body first! Simple advice and tips. #infertility #ivf #survivalguide

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Cameron backs controversial IVF plan to create children with three parents

The innovative IVF procedure could eradicate devastating genetic diseases, such as muscular dystrophy


ICSI is a standard accompanying treatment to IVF at Cyprus IVF Clinic. It’s used to maximise your chances of a viable embryo being produced. It sounds complicated, but the procedure itself is quite simple. On the day of the egg collection, the male partner will provide a sperm sample. This sperm is then washed and placed

How to prepare your body naturally for a better #IVF success rate: #pregnancy #infertility

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Top 10 Crappy Things They Don’t Tell You About IVF

Top 10 Crappy Things They Don't Tell You About IVF. Trust me I've done 2 egg retrievals without anesthesia. F'ing brutal

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Tiny scratch to the womb during a simple 15-minute procedure

Breakthrough: The agony of repeated miscarriages may be prevented by a 15-minute procedure already being routinely offered in IVF clinics

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A controversial new IVF procedure could be coming to the UK

The next #IVF revolution: What do you think of this new technique? Good thing?

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YOU special report: Dare you risk IVF?

#Therapy #NHS Women who have jeopardised their health, homes and relationships for a baby She adds that women are at risk of being sold drugs, procedures, tests and add-ons (from immune therapy to advanced sperm selection) without understanding which ones they actually need.