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Ivar The Boneless #Vikings

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Alex Høgh Andersen, from Denmark as Ivar. | Ivar Ragnarsson or Ivar the Boneless as he was referred to, was a Viking Warlord and a man of exceptional cruelty and ferocity. He was the son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug Sigurdsdottir.

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Vikings History Ragnar Lothbrok’s legendary sons: Ubbe, Ivar the boneless, Hvitserk and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. :

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Straight outta Kattegat with cornrows. - @marcoilsoe ain't that bad with my camera. Huge #shoutout to costume department Ivar - Vikings

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My husbands great ancestor is in the middle (I know, it's an actor, not his ACTUAL ancestor) Ivar the Boneless.

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Alex Hoegh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless on Vikings.

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Ivar the Boneless || Declare War on the Whole World