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Iud Placement

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9 Things You Need to Know About IUDs

Tons of facts about this highly effective birth control option.

ACOG: Few physicians follow IUD placement recommendations ‪#‎ACOG15‬:[tt_news]=400833

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7 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About IUDs

7 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About IUDs -

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4 Different Methods of Artificial Insemination

What is Artificial Insemination?: Artificial insemination involves the placement of semen or sperm into a woman's reproductive tract. Usually, the procedure takes place in the doctor's office.

Don't dilate in labour? You might have scar tissue from LEEP, cone biopsy, cryosurgery, a D, the placement of an IUD, or an endo biopsy (or any other procedure where a cervical stabilizer (tenaculum) is used). Some people have a "knotted" feeling lump in their cervix, or tight rubber band-type scarring on the interior of the cervix. Others have more granular-type scarring. Some describe it as feeling like a piece of uncooked rice on the outer part of the cervix.

Today's appointment: #Hematology. My iron levels are actually normal so I can probably go less often for my #venofer infusions! But of all things I'm mostly here to talk about birth control. My hematologist is the hurdle I can't get over when it comes to putting me on the pill because I developed a #bloodclot at the end of 2014. After 5 years of the pill I randomly got a clot. The chances of the clot being caused by the birth control pill? 1 in 3000. Since placement of my #IUD I've had a…


Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable C-Sections - Women have the right to know that a surgical abortion, a D&C after a miscarriage, an IUD placement, Leep, Cron, or Cryo can ALL scar your cervix and affect a later birth.


Clover: A Players Guide Very short story. 7 sentences.

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This Is How the IUD ACTUALLY Works

I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER OMG Here’s how IUDs ACTUALLY work: | No, The IUD Doesn’t Stop Small Children From Implanting

Before you opt for an #IUD, here's what women need to know about hormones, placement, if it hurts and if it is right for your body and life.