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Iud Implant

Good news: Mirena IUD and birth control implant users now get 1 extra year of pregnancy prevention! If you’ve got a Mirena IUD or birth control implant, rejoice! New research has shown that these methods prevent pregnancy for 1 year longer than...


Your IUD and Implant Last Much Longer Than They Claim, Study Says

Two contraceptives—the intrauterine device (IUD) and the implant—last much longer than they are currently recommended, finds new research

from the Guardian

Indian women die after state-run mass sterilisation campaign goes wrong

Eight women have died and dozens more are in hospital after doctor reportedly carried out 80 operations in five hours // India’s family planning programme has traditionally focused on women, and experts say that male sterilisation is still not accepted socially. “The payment is a form of coercion, especially when you are dealing with marginalised communities,” said Kerry McBroom, director of the Reproductive Rights Initiative at the Human Rights Law Network in New Delhi.

Your IUD & Birth Control Implant Remain Effective For Longer Than You Think, So Ladies, Save Your Money

That’s approximately how far the abortion rate fell among a group of women in St. Louis when birth control was simply given away for free. The drop in the teen birth rate: 81%. A study by Washington Uni. 9,000 women — many of whom were poor or uninsured — were offered a choice of contraceptives at no cost. Most ended up getting IUDs or other implants, which are the most effective options & are also usually quite expensive. But the drop in unwanted pregnancies more than made up for the…


IUD (intrauterine device) - featured in my latest post at

Dangers of Cell Phone radiation, Piercings, IUD's, Boob Jobs, and synthetic clothes with Paul Chek

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More U.S. Women Rely on IUDs and Implants

More U.S. Women Rely on IUDs and Implants | Medpage Today