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Iud Effectiveness

Learn the Risks of an IUD Pregnancy

Even though IUDs are over 99% effective, an IUD pregnancy is possible. If you become pregnant with an IUD, learn the risks associated with an IUD pregnancy.

Are IUDs More Effective Than Oral Contraceptives?

16 Things You Need To Know Before Getting An IUD

If you really dont want a baby in your uterus, you might want to put one of these in there instead.

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6 IUD Side Effects that they don’t tell you about

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life

Getting a Copper IUD Ruined 11 Months Of My Life | Copper IUD Side Effects | Symptoms of copper toxicity | Travel Disaster Stories | Travel Nightmare | Copper IUD Symptoms | Follow Me Away Travel Blog

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Effective, Long-lasting, and Reversible: An IUD May Be Just What You Need!

Come Meet Skyla... Mirena IUD's Little Sis!

Introducing the Skyla IUD... the new mini IUD, Mirena's little sister. Want long-term, effective protection and haven't had a child? Sklya may be for you!

That’s approximately how far the abortion rate fell among a group of women in St. Louis when birth control was simply given away for free. The drop in the teen birth rate: 81%. A study by Washington Uni. 9,000 women — many of whom were poor or uninsured — were offered a choice of contraceptives at no cost. Most ended up getting IUDs or other implants, which are the most effective options & are also usually quite expensive. But the drop in unwanted pregnancies more than made up for the…

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