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IUD birth control complications.

#IUD #PregnancyLawsuit Claims Contend Pregnancy Complications Such As Harmful Infections, #EctopicPregnancies, Miscarriages, And The Death Of The Baby.


#IUD As A #BirthControlMethod – How Effective Is It? Based on the latest survey, the decreasing IUD use is primarily attributed to the misconceptions associated with the #complications of intrauterine devices.

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Contraceptive pill 'makes women more anxious by shrinking the brain'

Contraceptive pill 'makes women more anxious by shrinking the brain' Mood swings, headaches and nausea, while more serious complications include blood clots and breast cancer. But scientists in California have added another potential cause for concern to the check list. Their new study has found the oral contraceptive shrinks two key regions of the brain, changing the way they function. The findings suggest the synthetic hormones found in the Pill cause these alterations in brain…

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Just How Much Do IUDs Put Your Health at Risk?

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IUDs Deemed Safe and Effective for Teens

IUDs Deemed Safe and Effective for Teens: A new study shows that IUD complication rates are no higher for teens than they are for adults.