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Cheers! It's hump day! Break is just a few days away... Tonight I have to take inventory and make sure I have everything I need. Stay strong parents... We've got this!!! Who is done? Who hasn't started? . #fitmom #busymom #momofboys #soccermom #workingmom #portioncontrol #beachbody #noexcuses #success #motivation #support #accountability #recipes #cleaneating #menuplanning #crockpot #skinnytaste #elfontheshelf #beachlover #stressreduction #teacher #slp #specialeducation #weightLoss…

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22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Former Emo Kids Cry With Laughter


Despite popular belief, a camel's hump stores not water, but fat - about 80 pounds of it. With this energy supply on its back, camel can go several days without eating. As it goes through the fat store, the hump shrinks and gets flabby. It gets firm again after the animal refuels. ☽☯☾magickbohemian


Happy Hump Day- I said that yesterday then realised an hour later it was only Tuesday I know you're all probably sick of seeing my master bedroom but I had so many enquiries regarding the chunky knit blanket last week. Instead of staying up late tonight replying to more comments if you adore it like I do, head over to the blog to read some pros and cons before buying your dream woollen knit. OHHH there's also a FLASH SALE code word so you can buy one of your own at 15%…