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Italian ~ Mene Domene, my paternal great grandfather came from Italy to America. Records have eluded me on origin.


Olympics: mosaic flag for each country, have samples printed out with colors given. also a poster board of flags to see the finished products. could use stickers we already have, vinyl, tissue & construction paper


Japanese Propaganda: This poster depicts a Japanese warrior destroying American ships. The flags behind the warrior represent the nations who Japan was allied with.


Lewis Hamilton KEEPS Italian GP victory after being cleared by stewards

Ferrari's driver Sebastian Vettel holds a Ferrari flag as he celebrates his second place


This is what the Grand Canal in Venice looks like when a storm rolls in...and it will serve as the backdrop to a big scene in THAT WINTER IN VENICE...


Japanese poster for the Tripartite Pact: “Good friends in three countries”. (left Adolf Hitler, centre Fumimaro Konoe, right Benito Mussolini)