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When it is all said and done and the damage has been totaled and there is nothing left of me to save, I just want to be able to say I loved you ...

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"But you've always been good enough you've just been giving the best parts of you to the wrong people."

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I saw it in your eyes. Honestly we're not friends. We're Twins. We're brother and sister spirits so that's why we unconditionally love each other. The very basis of our soul relationship is family over friendship. These feelings have always been strong for a reason. We would do anything for each other. I would do anything for you without a second thought

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Newt Scamander and Rubeus Hagrid| I said this during the movie!!! Brilliant parallels between characters

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Has Been FROM THE start........ 25 Years ago... wow ! From our high school days to the present....we Always knew

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Verona clamps down on tourists visiting Romeo and Juliet's balcony

Verona, Italy, Juliet's Balcony.. I love how much history this place has. I've always wanted to visit it. The fact this place had been built for a character from one of Shakespeares most well known place a really shows how much of a genius the man was.

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