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Isosceles triangles and deeper understanding

Isosceles triangles and deeper understanding | betterQs

I really like how the lines follow the dancer, It looks as if they are supporting her which looks very abstract. I would like to use this idea for my posters. It also fites in with my current theme.

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Geometry Test Congruent/Isosceles triangles and terms

This test covers all ways to prove triangles congruent, the isosceles triangles theorems, and additional terms (altitude, median). Two proofs are ... #geometry #teaching #highschool

Triangle Quilt using Reunion fabric and Kona Snow | Tamarack Shack (she was able to cut 17 triangles out of each fat quarter)

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Types of Triangles Word Wall Posters (**COMMON CORE aligned)

Cute types of triangle posters for your math word wall! Includes: right, equilateral, obtuse, acute, scalene, and isosceles triangles! ...

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