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A fishbone or ishikawa diagram. Use it to try and find the cause of a problem or to try and create an outcome

Colorful example of a Fishbone or Ishikawa or "Cause and Effect" diagram...This tool will help you drill down to root causes of defects and identify possible failure modes. You will use this graphical tool in conjunction with the Five Whys method of questioning.

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The Fishbone or Ishikawa diagram is used in various business scenarios such as problem solving, quality control, root cause analysis, and brainstorming. Do you often use cause and effect analysis diagrams in your business presentations? Click on the Image to know more...

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Fishbone Diagram / Ishikawa Diagram. Get more

Using a Fishbone (or Ishikawa) Diagram to Perform 5-why Analysis - Karn G. Bulsuk: Full Speed Ahead

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7S-model in Ishikawa-diagram; het model leent zich goed om een interne analyse te maken van een bedrijf. Met goede vragen per aspect kan de huidige situatie beschreven worden.

Image result for example Root Cause Analysis (RCA) using Ishikawa/Fishbone Diagrams

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