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Silent Ischemia and Ischemic Heart Disease

Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Heart Disease in Overweight and Obesity With and Without Metabolic Syndrome

TOKOVIT E 0.1 x 60 caps. vitamin e capsules, ischemic heart disease

Treatment for Coronary Microvascular Disease or Small Vessel Heart Disease & Its Prevention, Coping, Exercises #CoronaryMicrovascularDisease #SmallVesselHeartDisease #heartDisease #heart #chest #chestDisease #healthcare #Exercises #Surgery #AlternativeTherapy #yogapranayam #heartattack #ePainAssist Read:

Sercen x 30 capsules, constant tiredness, reduces fatigue, excessive tiredness, heart disease


ASPIMAG x 50 tablets, ischemic heart disease, heart attack, aspirin

RBBB almost always has a pathological cause. Causes include: Ischaemic heart disease Pulmonary embolus Rheumatic heart disease Myocarditis Congenital heart defects Cardiomyopathy Cor pulmonale


Vicard x 60 dragee, heart and circulatory system, circulatory system function

CARDIOSAN herbs fix x 20 sachets, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, ischemic heart disease