The 60s ceramic jug is from a Berlin flea market; the vintage rug from Walls in Farrow & Ball Down Pipe

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Who wants to come with me? Let's just hop in a vehicle, drive down the little roads we've never been on, stop at the little creeks, just spend the evening driving and exploring and making memories...

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I sit on top of a mountain with no one around looking down at the mess of the old camp, kicking rocks waiting for something to happen -Cb

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So like ten minutes before I saw this I started brewing some tea. I sat down and then read this and remembered my tea. THIS PIN IS A LIFE SAVOR!

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How much time do you spend on editing and proofreading? Editing and proofreading is the most important stage of the writing process. It allows you to identify the readability of a text. Let your completed project simmer for 3 days and go and do something entirely different. Return, read your copy aloud and see it with fresh eyes. It will improve the quality hands down. -JTrask

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