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Is There School Tomorrow

'There is no school tomorrow' said mum, then adding 'keep calm cuz no school' she added. 'Yay' screamed the child.

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We've all been there. I was recently left alone in the class room with this boy. In high school. No idea who he is. So I kept "going to the bathroom" until I was sure she was in the room for good.

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BALLS OF STEEL: The 'Magic Trick' to Selling a Screenplay

Teach a Growth Mindset! Being capable learners is not inborn. Our minds never stop learning. Believing in the ability to master new things is an important lesson.

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"The First Day of School: The Day When the Countdown to the LAST Day of School Begins." (via Kinder-Craze)

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Yes. Excuse me sir a giant minion was blocking the road...... Do you know how hard it is to believe even though you would be there?!!!

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There are 2 other girls at my school with my name. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE. and it is me.

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Teaching young students about MLK Day is very important, yet it can be difficult to explain to students how things used to be long ago ...

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This is just a simple days of the week wheel to print and color. Your students can practice the terms: yesterday, today and tomorrow.There are three options: English, Spanish (dias de la semana) and blank for your students to write.It can be used in the elementary grades,when teaching a second language ESL, in a dual language program or a bilingual classroom with the upper grades.You can find similar activities in my store:>MATH FOLD AND LEARNCheck out the math bundle to save money:>MATH…

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