Is epilepsy a disability

A friend of mine sent me this picture the other day. Unfortunately I don't know the originating source (if you do please let me know so I can give the correct credit), but I thought it portrayed my message of what I Am Super capes is all about.

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You're now in a secret world. You'll see things you never imagined: ignorance, rudeness and discrimination. But you’ll also witness so many everyday miracles, and you'll know it. You won't think a milestone is just a milestone, you'll know it's a miracle and be present in that moment. You'll treasure things most wouldn't think twice about. You'll become an advocate, an educator, a specialist and a therapist, but most of all, you'll be a mom to the most wonderful child.

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Attacking people with disabilities is the lowest display of power I can think of - Morgan Freeman And an attack is not always the physical vaiety

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Happy to be the newest contributor for the Special Happens Family :) First Post coming Soon!!!!

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RECEIVE A GIFT WITH YOUR PURCHASE ⬅️ Get a "HOPE" purple awareness bracelet for $11 + 3.99 • Send email to - This purchase is your donation for gifts to children & patients battling with epilepsy & other disabilities. #YourSupportMatters #EpilepsyLivesMatter #tshirts #Purple #PurpleBracelet #HOPE #jewelry #awareness #support #donation #gifts #AOEgives #AngelsOfEpilepsy

Surgical Anesthesia and Autism...written by an anesthesiologist who is the parent of a child with autism. Good info.

The best education is not only academically but primary the one that educates and leads the heart of a human being to connect to others with Respect, Love & Compassion. Acceptance for those who are different!!! The understanding that one plus one equals ONE!!!

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