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Type 2 Diabetes is a Fully Curable Disease - KEEPHEALTHYALWAYS.COM - Reliable Health Advice and Remedies

Just shoosh if you don't 'get it' ...I'm really glad you're not going through it, but don't tell me how to fix what you don't understand


We do this because Black women and girls are under siege within their own communities and society at-large. Not only are they more likely to contract HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they are at high risk for physical and sexual assault, and death from curable/manageable ailments such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension. They also are more likely to be incarcerated and victims of violent crime, including suicide.


Beating Diabetes Infographic by Personal Alert Systems: According to other research, performing a mixture of aerobic fitness exercise and strength training is linked to improved glycemic levels with type 2 diabetes patients in comparison to patients who don’t exercise. Read the full article here: "Aerobic Exercise and Resistance Training Combination for Diabetes"


If you are suffering from Diabetes and creatinine 4.8, you may wonder whether your disease is curable by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.