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Is Botox Safe

10 Reasons Why Botox Is Better Than a Boyfriend! 1) Botox gives you freedom to cheat your age. 2) It won’t judge or discriminate & it works! 3) Your secret is safe. Botox, when done right, won't tell. 4) You can trust Botox. It's safe & effective. 5) Botox makes you happy. 6) Botox provides security. 7) Botox cures migraines rather than causing them. 8) You get to visit your handsome doctor. 9) Botox will never leave you for a younger woman. It actually becomes your best friend the older…


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What Is BOTOX? Is it Safe? BOTOX FAQ's!!! … #BOTOX #Connecticut

Are Botox Injections Safe? Botox used for cosmetic purposes is viewed as an extremely safe, minimally invasive way to treat wrinkles. This is based on the assumption consumers are being treated by a licensed, board certified professional, either a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Find out more here - #Beauty #HealthCare #IntegretiveMedicine

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#Botox is a safe, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that can effectively treat unwanted #wrinkles and help you appear young and vigorous once again.