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From fluffy chicks to birds of prey: The pictures which capture the transformation of growing barn owls

These 3 barn owl chicks are only days from fledging and have appeared at the entrance to their nest one evening patiently awaiting the return of a parent with a rodent dinner.

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BioShock Infinite Undertow Vigor Bottle

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Bioshock- 2 worlds | Poster

Again, Columbia and Rapture...weird feelings. It's so hard to believe that they're the in the same series. Bioshock

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Designed by a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, the Irrational Game is fully and meticulously supported by intensive field research papers: research papers that are referenced, available, and checkable on the Irrational Game website. It's the most educational party game available! But this card game is more than just great research – you'll need to strategize which cards to play to get an edge over your opponent and win. Can you predict human nature?

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Irrational Games, The Company Behind

Irrational Games, The Company Behind #BioShock, Is Shutting Down | TechCrunch #gaming

Хоррор Perception вышел на PS4 О проекте Perception, в котором роль протагониста отведена слепому персонажу, стало известно 18 месяцев назад. Тогда сообщалось, что разработкой правят ветераны Irrational Games, которые запустили кампанию на Kickstarter. Релиз был должен состояться в 2016 году на PC. #wht_by #новости #игры #Консоли #PlayStation #Ужасы #От первого лица Читать на сайте…

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

Ray Kurzweil and his Singularity Theory, propose that artificial intelligence will soon surpass human intelligence ... just when will technology be in smarter than scary? Are we there yet?

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Bioshock es considerado uno de los juegos más importantes de la historia gracias en parte a su narrativa su jugabilidad y sobre todo a su ambientación. Aunque salió en 2007 nunca está mal recordar a una obra de tal calibre que está más viva que nunca gracias a la remasterización que salió hace un par de meses. Para comenzar hablemos de su creación y para ello hay que mencionar a Ken Levine mente maestra tras el proyecto. Él ya creó varias sagas consideradas de culto en PC las cuales son…

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