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No ! Just because they treat you like a shit doesn't mean you have to put energy on the same game they're playing showing you' re not as different as they are, don't do that ! People of that kind are just building their way to a place maybe you can build too, but you really wanna be part of that? Is useless

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"'Lost for Words' Neon, 2013 by artist Tim Etchells" The appearance of the water blurring the words here has a pretty deep impact on the meaning of the phrase itself.

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"I'll let you drag me to hell if it means you'll hold my hand" he whispered into my ear "You make the journey to hell sound like heaven," I replied looking straight at him. "Cause I get to spend it with you"

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Hope you like these cute pictures of couples! Find love now...

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Girl Who's Skeptical About Love Makes Incredible Wedding Dress Entirely From Divorce Papers (VIDEO)

I actually love this because it means the person knows that relationships so often turn into messes but they are willing to try anyway. It's cocky bravery in the face of crushing reality.

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Because peace is too mainstream.

street art. it does make you wonder, doesn't it? I know, we think its a deterrent, but if thats true, why are there still wars? this shit makes my head spin.

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#lovequotes #matchmaker #matchmadeinheaven #loveyourself #respectyourself

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I'm no wadjet but these are my favourite tumblr posts and I wanted to share - Imgur

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