Shotgun Scope Mount Remington 1100/11-87 12 Gauge by AIMTECH. Save 12 Off!. $35.99. Description:Aimtech MountsCan be user installed in three minutes. No gunsmithing and no sight removal required. Iron sights remain functional. Extruded and machined high strength aluminum alloy. Mounts scopes, electronic sights and lasers using Weaver-style bases. Weighs only four ounces. Installation tool and instructions included.Additional Information:Shotgun

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printable targets for iron sights | Thread: Improved AR15 Zero Targets for Iron Sights and Optics

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The B-13N is designed to sit flush onto the dust cover and has an additional side-rail for IR illumination or other aim-assisting accessories. Your original iron sights will still be visible and useable with the B-13N installed, and even with an optic attached as shown in the top picture there is some space so you can use the iron sights.

Kriss Super V Vector Carbine .45 ACP 16" Flip-Up Iron Sights, Daniel Defense Adjustable Stock, 13 Round Mag

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Zeroing the Iron Sights on Your AR 15 Rifle

FG 42 with iron sights flipped up (no scope mounted), 1st pattern (metal buttstock and sharply-angled pistol grip) - 7.92x57mm Mauser‎

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