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11 Things You'll Need with Irish Twins - 2 Kids Under 1

Things you'll need 2 of with Irish Twins - Wish I had this list during my second pregnancy! A total survival kit for what new moms need for their second baby!

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To the Mom Terrified of Having Irish Twins

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How I Survived Irish Twins-and You Can too

Do you have Irish Twins--or 2 kids born less than a year apart? What about 2 under 2? These 7 tips are sure to improve your life and help you survive those early years.

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20 Things That Happen When You Have Irish Twins

20 Things That Happen When You Have Irish Twins –

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I am an Irish Twin. I don't have a single moment in my life that my brother isn't apart of bc I can't remember a time without him. Thanks mom and dad (^.^) plus there always is a small moment in time when we are both the same age.

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20 Things That Happen When You Have Irish Twins

My Irish twins charged into my life like a whirlwind. If you've ever wondered what it's like to raise two toddlers, here is a list of things that happen.

Raising Irish Twins

How to handle life while parenting Irish Twins, 2 children under 1. Tips for parenting 2 young children. Advice is also great for 2 under 2! From

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