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Astrology: Celtic Symbols and Irish Astrology

BB this is cute. My golden eagle can play with your owl; your wolf can try to catch my stag. <3 @bonobo

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Warming Winter Drinks With A Twist #infographic #drinks

i like the last one. i use it a lot

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Angus is a quintessential Irish/Scottish name. The roots of Angus are Irish but it's well used in Scotland as well. Being from right in the middle of "cattle country", I question how usble Angus is here (being a type of beef). I think Angus would be a bold choice, but a very handsome one and Gus is a fun nickname. Angus is very important in Irish mythology.

Nori - This is an Irish nickname for Nora. Alternates: Noreen, Norina, Norine Tags: brave, creative, English, happy

Delaney is an attractive Irish surname-turned-first name that's been completely taken over for girls. If it's popularity for girls doesn't bother you though, it could still make a cool name for a boy. The nickname Laney makes this name even more appealing.

Tallulah Meaning: leaping waters Origin: Irish Tallulah is a celebrity name (Tallulah Bankhead) and a celebrity baby name (Tallulah Willis) so plenty of people have heard of Tallulah but it has yet to catch on. Tallulah has the fashionable double 'l' sound without starting with L. I prefer the nickname Tally to Lu or Lula or Lulu.

The original caption said, "Ireland." So that's where I am pinning it. If it turns out it's Scotland, let me know. With all that red hair, it could go either way.

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