Irish Coffee from The Buena Vista Cafe: San Francisco : Pouring nearly 2,000 Irish Coffees each day, The Buena Vista Cafe reigns supreme as master of the cream-capped glass. From the tulip-shaped goblet to the cane-sugar cubes, each element of this time-honored recipe has been tested to achieve the perfect balance of fresh-brewed coffee, Irish whiskey and lightly whipped cream. If you think you hate coffee, you’ve clearly never had one of these.

The Buena Vista Cafe

Where do you think “Irish Coffee” was invented? Dublin, Boston maybe? Nope, this warm and creamy spiked coffee was actually invented back in 1952 at a bar called “The Buena Vista” in San Francisco!

Irish Coffee at Buena Vista San Francisco. The history and lore of this famous drink. #cocktails #coffee

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Famous Irish Coffee from the Buena Vista in San Francisco

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