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Babylon , the old area called Mesopotamia, originally known as Sumer, and later as Sumer and Akkad, lies between the rivers Eufrat and Tiger, south of Baghdad today. The Babilonian civilization, between 18 BC sec and 6 BC, was like the Sumerian one that preceded it, with urban characteristics, although based on agriculture. The kingdom was composed of about 12 towns surrounded by villages.

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Guangzhou Opera House - Guangzhou, China - Zaha Habib a female architect from Iraq. One of the most important architects working today!

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Britain is at war: RAF Tornados in the air over Iraq

Britain is at war: RAF Tornados in the air over Iraq with orders to strike ISIS as SAS teams on the ground prepare to guide arsenal of smart bombs to terrorists' lairs | Daily Mail Online

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1 - British SAS UK The Special Air Service trained to perform equally well in all the fields listed for the SEALs, but is also trained by MI-5 and MI-6 for in-depth counter-espionage, more so than the SEALs. Physical competency must be of equal stature to the SEALs, to the degree that both special forces work closely together when necessary (Iraq and Afghanistan) and have good camaraderie. They have the distinction of being the model on which almost all national commando units are base

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Story of cities #3: the birth of Baghdad was a landmark for world civilisation

The foundation of al-Mansur’s ‘Round City’ in 762 was a glorious milestone in the history of urban design. It developed into the cultural centre of the world

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Syria, Iraq. The Truth

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Navajo wedding... really cool that he wore his service dress uniform AND (what I'm assuming) is a traditional Navajo blanket.

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