"Well, surprise, surprise, surprise." -Gomer Pyle. 2016 Iowa Caucus Results. Hillary and Bernie virtually tied; she had a slight edge. GOP forked, into a three prong finish. "Ted Cruz may have a better ground game, than El Chopo", quipped esteemed newsman Bob Schieffer, on CBS: This Morning. "Loser.com salutes Donald Trump, by redirecting to his Wikipedia page. Nobodyrememberswhocameinsecond.com also goes after (him)." -Ed Mazza, Overnight Editor, Huff. Post #TheEndGameiswhatCounts

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31 JAN - How to Get Iowa Caucus Results as They Come in - http://thebernreport.com/how-to-get-iowa-caucus-results-as-they-come-in/

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02-01-2016 No worries: a new Microsoft App is tallying all the Iowa caucus results

With Each Passing Day, the Iowa Caucus Results Get Shadier and Shadier What the hell actually happened out there?​

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Iowa Caucus Results: Ted Cruz Wins Over Donald Trump; Hillary Cinton Wins Over Bernie Sanders By A Fraction Of A Margin - http://www.morningnewsusa.com/iowa-caucus-results-ted-cruz-donald-trump-hillary-clinton-2355178.html

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Harvard Affiliates React to Iowa Caucus Results | Iowa caucus results

Iowa Caucus Results — The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Magazine. Higher Education Jobs

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