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Ios Release Dates

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When is iOS 10 coming out? UK release date, features and how to download

iOS release date 9/14 The iPhone 7 isn't the only thing to look out for at Apple's "special event" today. The company could also announce the release date for iOS 10

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iOS 10 won't collect any more data on you unless you tell it to

Updated: iOS 10 release date news and features -> FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK!

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How to download macOS Sierra right now

Updated: How to download macOS Sierra final release candidate right now

On Tuesday Apple released iOS 10, the organization's most up to date portable…

Updated: macOS Sierra release date news and features Read more Technology News Here --> macOS Sierra With iOS 10 apparently serving as Apple's flagship operating system it's easy to overlook Apple's latest software offering for desktops. However macOS Sierra ought not to be ignored as it's evidently jam-packed with new features and improvements. How does macOS Sierrra compare to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? The highly-anticipated OS X 10.12 was…

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Android Nougat release date: when you'll get it and everything you need to know

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Android activation total doubles in six months

Android activation total doubles in six months | Google has now activated an astonishing 200 million Android handsets, a figure which has doubled in the last six months alone Buying advice from the leading technology site