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Well, what are they, you may ask? KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator and generally they are used for performance measurement or setting targets as part of strategic goals within your business. Using 15 standard accounting ratios such as Working Capital, Return on Assets and Inventory Turnover, Calxa is now equipping you with a default set of KPIs for easy reporting.

SR. RETAIL BUYER :: 7+ yrs experience. Develop and execute merchandising strategies that maximize sales, margin, inventory turnover, visual presentation and customer satisfaction. APPLY:


Driver of Competitive Disadvantage 1. Inventory Turnover Target has competitive disadvantage as to its Inventory Turnover ...

•Problem 1 Required: Express each income statement component as a percentage of sales, and comment on the trends in each line from 2012 to 2013.•Problem 2 Required: Compute (1) accounts receivable turnover for 2013, (2) the inventory turnover for 2013, and (3) the net margin for 2012.

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How to Calculate Turn Ratio

The turnover ratio expresses the time it takes to use up inventory.

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What is Inventory Turnover?

How to Find the Inventory Turnover

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