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Intracranial hemorrhages (otherwise known as brain bleeds) are a type of traumatic birth injury that range from minor to extremely severe. It is important to diagnose intracranial hemorrhages as soon as possible in order to provide the right type of treatments and to limit the extent of the damage.

Epidural (above dura, under skull) - arterial (middle meningeal artery), high trauma/acute pres, lens-shape on CT Subdural (below dura, above arachnoid) - venous (venous plexus), low-force trauma/insidious (ex. worsening ha over days), crescent shape on CT Subarachnoid (below arachnoid, above brain) - arterial (Circle of Willis), acute pres w thunderclap ha, goes into fissures succi sella on CT Intraventricular (in the ventricles) Intraparenchymal (in the meat of the brain)


Compute the fluid to be administered first hand and then at 8 and 24h after burns depending on weight and severity with the #Parkland Formula #Calculator for Burns.


Estimate the intravenous flow rate of fluids infused; in such as way to help you ensure that the fluid ordered will be given at the prescribed rate with the #IVDrip Rate #Calculator.

Jeffrey Hunter aka (Henry Herman McKinnies, Jr.) (1926 - 1969) American Film and TV Actor- Know for: "King of Kings" 1961, "The Searchers" 1956 - Passed at 42 - "Requiescant in Pace"