Mr. Bean. When we watch this movie my whole family busts a gut. Half because the movie is funny and half because my dad laughs harder than we knew possible.

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Create a simple counting program using Python, an “interpreted language,” which means that you can write a program and directly execute it.

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Javascript is structured and interpreted object-oriented language. JavaScript gives you access to the entire Web page. You can modify properties of the page or any element of the page. You can also create new documents or update parts of a form. JavaScript is designed to be easy to learn and convenient to use by almost anyone who seeks to create dynamic Web pages and client-side checking of input forms.

The Dara knot. Dara comes from the word “doire”, which is Celtic for “oak tree“. Oaks were the most blessed of trees to the Celts. The Druids interpreted the language of them to spread meaningful, philosophic messages to others. Remember, Celtic culture relied heavily on nature and spirituality. Fittingly, the design of the knot symbol is based on the root system of the oak tree.

As a global business person, you must be extremely careful about the way you create your message, translate it into other languages and target it to different cultures. Above all, you must be certain that your message is culturally sensitive…

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