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Internet Scavenger Hunt

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Webquest or Internet Scavenger Hunt Grades 5-10

Webquests are are a great way for your students to leatn how to search the internet for sources to use in writing and research. Get this webquest to make engaged productive learners of your students. This product has many opportunities for your students to optimize their research skills. If you are satisfied with this webquest you will find many more at my online shop for extremely reasonable prices.

This FREE resource allows students to experience the rush of an athlete’s adrenaline, and complete this team-building scavenger hunt in the fastest time using the Internet, or available text resources.

from Classroom Freebies

Internet Scavenger Hunt for Geographical Features of the US from Raki’s Rad Resources


Challenge your students to find the author of these fictional book settings. This freebie from the Library Patch is perfect for your fast finishers!!


Reading skills such as skimming and scanning are used to locate a selection of items in this fun scavenger hunt. Absolutely any newspaper can be used. A fun activity that kids love!%0D%0A%0D%0ABecky McPhee

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Roald Dahl Web Scavenger Hunt

Who is Roald Dahl? Have students use the internet to search for information about famous author Roald Dahl on his official website. They can learn interesting background information about the man who wrote such amazing books as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and James and the Giant Peach. This would be a great author study assignment.


Random Act of Kindness Week!! Really encourage kindness and have a giant checklist in the main hall with pens that people could check off when they see the good people have done... Next year maybe?