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IRC for Android â?? v2.1.33 Apk IRC for Android is the Premier Android Internet Relay Chat Client. Worlds better than the rest. Previously known as Android IRC. Supports: Multiple Servers Stays connected in background SSL SASL Nick Completion Notifications Blowfish Encryption IRC/mIRC/ANSI Colors User List Channel List Supports BNCs (tested ZNC and PsyBNC) Individual Windows for Messages and Channels Timestamps Logging to SD Card Ignore System Quiet Time Codepage support…

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Anonymous launches online TRAINING CAMP to prime next generation of hacktivists for battle against ISIS

Hidden on the dark web, the internet relay chat (IRC) service is now open for anyone wanting to converse with members of the notorious hacking group


The History and Influence of the #Hashtag #infographic

Like any good story, let’s start at the beginning. The pound sign was first created as an abbreviation for the Latin phrase libra pondo, or “pound weight.” The symbol’s first use as a “hashtag” wasn’t until 1988 as a way to categorize content on the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). But it wasn’t introduced to social media until 2007...

While analyzing some of the attacks we see on the Wordfence Web Application Firewall, we discovered code that an attacker was trying to upload that was part of a botnet. In case you’re not in the information security space, a botnet is a network of ‘bot’ or ‘zombie’ machines that is controlled from a central command and control or C&C server. In the case of this botnet, it was controlled via a chat service called IRC or Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a popular way of

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The app that lets you chat WITHOUT an internet or phone connection

The app that lets you chat WITHOUT an internet or phone connection: FireChat uses hidden iOS feature to relay messages