There are a lot of online speed test sites that you can go to if you want to know how fast your internet connection is. A free speed test will also often offer a ping test aside from the usual Internet connection speed test. Take advantage of a free Internet speed test to know about the quality of your ISP's services.

How to test your home Internet connection speed | TechHive. Are you really getting all the speed your ISP says you are? Try out a host of internet connection speed tests here.

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Independent True Internet Connection Speed Test

Online speed test sites allow you to measure the speed of your internet connection without hassle. There are many sites that offer a free speed test, while there are others that offer a more comprehensive Internet connection speed test for a small fee or donation.

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Internet Speed Test - Check Your Bandwidth

SG Broadband Speed Test - Test Your Internet Connection Speed. Is It what You're Paying For?

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