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Facebook Psychology – Is Addiction Affecting Our Minds? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Internet Addiction Disorder (otherwise known as Facebookalitis) is set to become the big psychological disorder of the 21st century - and it seems we have mostly Facebook to thank for that. Thanks to the social media goliath, it seems that we are turning into a legion of junkies who salivate whenever we hear the sound…


Recognize Signs of An Eating Disorder Relapse #infographic

Recognizing Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse When a person is living with an eating disorder, the effects of the disorder can be felt by everyone in his or her life.

XD( btw its funny...because...this man and his band...IS MY ADDICTION)

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Week of Geek Day 6: Social Media Nails

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Internet Addiction: Is This Online Disorder Real? [Infographic]

This is kind of scary... Internet Addiction: Is This Online Disorder Real? [Infographic]

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20% of all purchases are made online

20% of all purchases are made online | Online purchases hit on an all-time high in 2008, with the UK spending around £26.5 billion of their hard-earned through the web. Buying advice from the leading technology site

We're are not anonymous we feel it keeps shame existing. (Addiction is a brain disorder a disease like diabetes)

Psychological Effects Of Facebook (And Other Social Networks) | Cumulatively the effect is potent and hard to resist says Judith Donath Media Scholar at MIT. With Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) now a recognized psychological diagnosis all over the world it is becoming increasingly clear to psychologists and psychiatrists that online interaction particularly via social networks has a powerful addiction factor. This infographic shares statistics on the effects of Facebook Psychology and…