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International Weather Forecast

Clear Outside v1.0 - International Weather Forecasts For Astronomers


Belfast International Airport

Hourly weather for Belfast International Airport with a 5 to 10 day forecast, giving a look further ahead.

When is the Best Time to Visit Germany?

Craving a little Germany in your life? Plan the perfect trip to Germany—at the perfect time!—with this complete guide on when to go to Germany, the best time to visit Germany and the best month to visit Germany.


Flights probe jet stream role in floods

A major international effort is under way to research one of the greatest unknowns in weather forecasting: the influence of the jet stream.

Yes, the election polls were wrong. Here's why

Yes, the polls were wrong. Here's why | Mona Chalabi | Opinion | The Guardian

ناسا تنهي اختباراتها على تلسكوب الفضاء العملاق…: أنهت وكالة الفضاء الأميركية ناسا اختباراتها على تلسكوب الفضاء العملاق "جيمس ويب" الذي…