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How I Got Hired in an International School

One snowy evening, Alyssha Swanson began researching international schools. Two weeks later, she accepted a teaching position in Spain. Read her story.  


After Arriving at Your International Teaching Job

After arriving at your international teaching job you will want to review your list of things to do. Landing an International teacher position is different than a no - teaching overseas


What do international school heads look for when hiring? | TIC Recruitment | International Teaching Jobs, International School Jobs | TIC Recruitment


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A Teacher Job Search Checklist to Determine if You Need Help

A Teacher Job Search Checklist to Determine if You Need Help - If you are venturing into a teacher job search this checklist and tips will determine if you need professional interviewing help to land a teaching job. An education job hunt can be stressful, time-consuming, and lengthy. This combination can often make you easily feel lost in the teacher job search process. Stress itself can make you feel like you’ve lost your sanity. via @


Preparing For An International Teaching Job Takes Planning

Preparing for an International teaching job takes planning, including researching where you would like to live, schools hiring, and other important details


How to Stand Out at a Teacher Job Fair to Get Results - Teacher Career and Job Fairs Start NOW to prepare for any teaching career or job fairs. Land second interviews and job offers. Enjoy this video of me... and yes, I said "and" too many times. :-) First take - no rehearsal. :-) How have you prepared for this year's job search?