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New iPhone 6S Plus UK price specification and new features: 3D Touch 12Mp camera 4K recording. Plus


ESL: How to Teach English

How to Teach English Infographic, from Kaplan. Beatles, Sims, Spider Man, etc.


Dinner An interesting bit of history on okra 'hibiscus esculentus', Arabic bamya: This vegetable was mentioned in ancient Iraq on Assyrian cuneiform tablets dealing with herbal medicines. It was called 'ubanu,' literally 'finger', which brings to mind the English name for okra, 'lady's fingers,' and Iraqi vernacular for okra banya. Today, okra is a very popular vegetable in Iraq. It is exclusively used for making margat bamya (okra stew).

ABC The Drum Banks, Government, WHY WE ARE LOOSING OUR HOMES.


Handelsblatt Global Edition Android App - , Download the Handelsblatt Global Edition App for Android – Listen to the voice of Europe’s leading economy.Handelsblatt, Germany’s leading business and finance daily, provides you with the latest European news in Companies & Markets, Politics, Finance, Opinion and European Lifestyles, directly from Germany. Experience Handelsblatt’s award-winning journalism, composed by an international newsroom in Berlin, the heart of Europe’s…

One keynote speaker at the Clarity2016 conference was the Honourable Michael Kirby AC CMG, of New South Wales, Australia. Kirby is the Patron of Clarity International, which plays a vital role in promoting the use of plain legal language globally. Kirby titled his session: Clarity in legal language in English: Is it possible? Why is English so complex? Kirby gave …

Embattled EU leaders meet in Berlin | DW News

NationMaster Scroll down to the interactive map - mouse over each country to see its fertility rate. The necessary replacement rate is about 2.1. USA is on the brink. Many countries (Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, for a few) are below this.