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Breaking historikal silence to heal from historikal woundz: Remembering the 1966 Hunterz Point Uprising

A man faces off with police after shots were fired into a crowd of unarmed youth. The police and National Guard began shooting on word of a sniper. Neither a sniper nor a gun was ever found. This photo and news of the uprising made headlines around the world. – Photo: UPI (United Press International)

Top News: "IRAN: UN Nuclear Agency Reports Says Iran Honoring Nuclear Deal" - - The confidential report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) did not point to any violations in Tehran's observance of the nuclear deal. on Politicoscope -

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Top News: "CUBA: Havana Launches New International Campaign Against US Blockade" - - "The blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba persists," Rodriguez told reporters at a news conference. "The blockade is the main cause of the economy's problems and obstacle to development." on Politicoscope -

Top News: "UZBEKISTAN: Islam Karimov Passes Away" -án-Politics-News-Today-790x395.jpg - Uzbek President Islam Karimov has two daughters. One of them, Gulnara, tried to position herself as a pop star at home and an international socialite. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "UK: Diane James Biography And Profile" - - Diane James played a prominent role campaigning for Brexit on national and international radio. Read Diane James Biography And Profile. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong Un Hails New Nuclear Test Powerful Than Bomb Dropped On Hiroshima" - - "That's largest DPRK test to date, 20-30kt, at least. Not a happy day," Jeffrey Lewis, California-based Middlebury Institute of International Studies said. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "SOUTH SUDAN: UN To Salva Kiir: Cooperate Or Face Arms Embargo" - - "The international community is frustrated with the obstruction of UN peacekeeping operations that has gone on for too long," US Ambassador Samantha Power. on Politicoscope -


Top News: "IRAN: Nuclear Negotiator Arrested On Suspicion Of Spying" - - The nuclear deal President Hassan Rouhani struck last year gave Iran relief from most international sanctions in return for curbing its nuclear program. on Politicoscope -

Top News: "LIBYA: Pro-Government Forces Corner Islamic State Fighters In Sirte" - - Loyalist forces have been backed by US air raids for almost a month, amid international concern over the jihadists' growing influence. on Politicoscope -