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This actually happened in Athens once. This lady went to Egypt to get her medical eduction and then came back home pretending to be a man and when the percentage of women surviving childbirth went up under her care the other doctors got jealous and accused her of sleeping with her patients, to which she replied by taking off all of her clothes and asking them if they still thought that and that was how Athens allowed women to be doctors

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did-you-kno: “Watching your favorite movies over and over is good for you. The repetition calms you because knowing the outcome of a story helps you to feel safe in an unpredictable world, and it comforts you by recapturing lost feelings. Source ”

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Some Facts

I am only skeptical BC if u feed me facts I'm obviously going to doubt the legitness if u misspell the word laugh in ur attempt to enlighten me. HahhhaA bah cmon now

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... Whoa! Seriously? Imagie if we injected Jellyfish DNA with Human DNA. An Immortal Human?

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To know what you don't know > 8fact! Ahhhhh n we just thru away a jar cuz we had it for a long time , we thought it was expired haha ooops

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10% of Europeans are immune to HIV - WTF fun fact | Follow @gwylio0148 or visit for more diy/kids/pets videos

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Just saw this fact, go listen to it!

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