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44 Really Cool Homemade DIY Dog Toys Your Dog Will Love

This is a great list of homemade dog toy projects, and they range from easy to more difficult. I, personally, wouldn't make anything out of socks, so that your own socks never get confused for a toy, but there are many other great ideas here.

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Turtle Softie PDF Sewing Pattern- Interactive Softie that goes In and Out // Zeno the Tortoise

Zeno the Turtle soft toy PDF pattern, instant download. The finished turtle measures approximately 25 cm X 15 cm (when inside shell). The turtle you will sew is interactive- by a simple pull of cords it hides in the safety of its shell, and can be pulled to peek out curiously and see whats happening in the world. Children and adults squeal in delight when they see Zeno hide and come out of its shell. Hes like no other soft toy in the neighborhood: other than being able to retract, the final…

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Transfers. It was such a treat to get a transfer. There were so many things you could do with them.

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Cat Amazing - Best Cat Toy Ever! Interactive Puzzle Box Game for Cats: Interactive cat toy - game & puzzle - for cats! Encourages natural instinct to explore, sniff, search and retrieve hidden rewards Three levels to stimulate & challenge cats as their skills improve Works with their favorite treats & small toys Makes a great gift!

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I built a cat tower that fits on a corner Smart thinkng! IHave a couple of cats that would love this!

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Satisfy your cat's need for Exercise. The Loco!Motion is an interactive cat toy that doubles as a feline exercise machine. Chasing the erratically moving fluttery feather toy provides physical and m...

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