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Interactive timeline of Napoleon's life for kids (C1, Wk 24)

WWII Interactive Timeline Classroom Display - features kids WWII Battle of Britain themed silhouette artwork in background. Key events from WWII placed randomly on board and kids to research and moved these into the correct order. Additional questions added to provoke thought and input...

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This ingenious interactive timeline covers the 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang, using the vast resources of Wikipedia as its reference. No matter the period of history you are studying,

Nice timeline idea POLICE #2 by Yuriy Mihalchenko, via Behance

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James Bowie A land speculator and soldier, Jim Bowie (1796-1836) personified the type of adventurer who inhabited the U.S.-Mexican borderlands in the early nineteenth century.

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Crime Scene Creatures

Video: Diatom Detective Helps Convict a Killer - Crime Scene Creatures | Nature | PBS

HSTRY is a great place for student projects and to create learning modules!

Great for teaching how various music styles developed.

In this exciting activity, students build their own virtual plane with some smart decision-making, and then see if it would actually fly.